Week 10 A Big Fat Hen

I don’t know why I titled it that, but I guess it makes sense given the big group project we had to do. Anyway, this week we had to do our big radio project and I think we did really well. Our characters got to express their views and some of them even learned a thing or two about themselves.

So, for the show progress report you can go check out my post. Again, I think we did really well. It was a fun twist to have some of the characters us AI voices and some use their real voices. It really played well into the theme of the class.

I managed to do 2 daily creates even though I almost forgot to do the second one. Per usual they were a nice quick dose to stretch those muscles or be a little funny. Here is my post.

Lastly is the completed radio show. It speaks for itself if you want to go listen. It was really fun to do, even navigating around a busy schedule I think we made it happen. Listen below.

Again, this as a fun week and i liked the creative freedom we got with this project.

Daily Creates… Oh Right…

I almost forgot to do these this week. I did one on Sunday and forgot to do the other until Thursday. So without further ado:

The first one I did was called splatter the ink. It was a neat online art tool where you could mess with sliders and colors to come up with something cool. I made my art and called it Spore.

Th next one was called, change a word, ruin a book. I decided to take all the seriousness out of the shining and make it the whining. I just imagine Jack complaining about taking the caretaker job and just being like the whiniest person. Changes the whole tone of the book.

So overall a neat week for these. I wish I would have looked at the other ones and not been forced to do either the Thursday or Friday one. But I’m still satisfied with what I did.

The Show Must Go On

As I said last week, my group has a group google doc where we write our ideas and take notes. We also have a group discord to post pictures and smaller ideas, and we have had a few discussions and even have a txt group to make sure we are all engaging with the project. As stated before, it is working magnificently.

This week was the week where we did the most work. We all worked together on the script in our google doc and I think we came up with some great ideas. We all put our bumpers and commercials etc. in the discord so we could ensure the transitions were tight. We did the same thing with all of our audio pieces. The interesting part about our narrative is that a few of the characters do not want their actual voices heard so we have generative AI speaking their parts. Interestingly, my character is using his own voice, so it is neat to hear that only his is conveying real emotion and it plays nicely into the character discovery piece.

Robin is going to splice it all together tonight and provide the final product for the sound cloud. I am excited to hear what it is like all together. I know it will probably sound a little strange, but I think that plays nicely into the narrative and the theme of AI.

Bottom of the 9th… Week Summary

This week was really cool because I got to start working on the radio show with my group. Our show is called “Logic Pod: The Tech Podium” and is all about discussing the good about AI and what it can do to move forward etc. Also, as I mentioned in my show update post, I have a great team with Robin, Melea, and Mustafa and I don’t think I could have asked for a better group. They have phenomenal ideas, and their characters will create some fun dialogue with mine. I am looking forward to recording with you guys next week.

This week I had to make a logo for our show, and I had a great time using Canva. That program is pretty intuitive once you get the hang of it. Anyway, here is the post about my logo design.

This week I also made a new bumper for our show. I liked the one I did before for DS106, but I wanted to advocate for the show within the show. Idk why, just seemed fun. I also made a commercial for the site 3D AI Studio which was the program I had my character try to have Aggressive Technologies acquire last week. Thes audio assignments were fun because I got to go back into audacity after a few weeks of not using it. Here is my post about them.

I also did 3 TDCs this week. Not much to say other than it was really cool to look up dying languages and give them some representation. Here is my TDC post.

All in all, it was a very successful week. My group had some great collaboration and some great ideas, and I am looking forward to getting more work done on it next week.

Bumper to Bumper Commercials

This week for my two audio assignments I decided to make a bumper for our show as well as a commercial for the product I was advocating for last week.

The bumper goes into what the show is about and implies it is logical to listen to it. I also used an AI voice and had it “take over” the broadcast. Here is the bumper:

Next is the commercial. I made it on 3DAI Studio which was the product my character wanted Aggressive Technologies to acquire because it would move forward AI. It is an AI program that can take words or pictures and turn them into 3D models to print from a 3D printer. It is some pretty fun tech, but it needs some work and AT can pave the way. Here is my commercial for it.

So yeah, these are my audio assignments this week and I hope they add some flavor to the show.

Having a Great Team Makes All the Difference

My group has made a lot of progress this week on our show. We have a group google doc where we write our more elaborate ideas and take notes, we have a group discord to post pictures and smaller ideas, and we have had a few discussions and even have a txt group to make sure we are all engaging with the project. It is working magnificently.

We already have a name for our show “Logic Pod: The Tech Podium”. The idea is that this show is a platform for people to call in and talk tech, AI, or anything their hear desires. But be careful, there is something strange about the hosts and guests. Some of them may not be what they seem.

Currently the plan is to have the show be owned/operated by one of our character’s organizations and have my character call in to promote his AI rights activist group. This will lead the conversation into some cool places and interesting discussion. But maybe something will be revealed about some characters or maybe others will change their stance on some things. We are still in the planning process of what the actual conversation will be like, but we have the backbone ideas in place.

We have also created some cool logo/poster/sticker designs for the show. Here is the post about mine.

I think we plan to use our DS106 bumpers from earlier in the semester, but I also feel like making one for our specific show. I have some ideas that I think will be fun. I also think I will make a commercial from the product I had to write about last week for Aggressive Technologies. Ill knock those out tomorrow while teleworking.

I just want to put at the end here, this might be one of the better groups of people I have worked with during my career, and I have been working in the government, military, and private sector for almost 15 years. Robin, Melea, and Mustafa, you rock.

Logic Pod: The Tech Podium Promo

So, for the radio show promo I wanted to make the logo or a bumper sticker or something that could get the point of the show across in on quick glance. The first thing we had to do was come up with the show name, and based on our characters motivations we dialed it into a podcast format about discussing AI and tech etc. with people calling in to discuss their viewpoints or promote their ides. With all of our characters being pro AI for the most part, we assumed that they would all think their view is correct, so their podcast is “logical” to listen to. Then to describe what it is about, we went with tech, and with the call-in aspect, it is like a singular outside entity speaking to the group, almost like from a podium. At least that what was in my head when we nailed down the name.

Moving on… So, for the design I wanted to capture the title of the show and have some interesting graphics to give some energy to the show. My initial idea was to just have a brain standing behind a podium with the title. But as I was using Canva to make my graphic, I came across some really cool designs and changed it up a bit. This is the final product I came up with.

My absolute favorite part of this design is the tech tree. Just has this eerie implication that tech is going to take over nature… strange. And of course, talking about AI and the neon sign effects, I think it really captures the vibe of the show.

Anyway, I had a blast making this and I might even make a few more just for fun.

Week 9 TDC… Kurt is my Dude

This week we had to do 3 daily creates. Two of them were word based which was different than the last 2 weeks… I think… idk my weeks are blending at this point. Anyway, here are my posts.

The first one was to post who we think is agent 106, you know like 007, but 106 for the class number. Anyway, there is only one option when picking something like this and here it is:

Next one was to finish the tweet. This one was interesting because it could have gone any direction. Here is my post.

The last one was pretty meaningful, so I wanted to find one that was in North America to shed light on dying cultures in our borders. The last one this week was to post about poetry from dying languages. I chose to do the language of the Delaware Native Americans, the Lenape.

So overall this week for TDC as good. I learned a lot about dying languages and got to give a shout out to my main man Kurt.

Weekly Wrap Up from the Charlotte Airport

So, this week was kind of tough for me because I was out of town for work. I would leave my room at 6am and I wouldn’t get back until about 7pm so very night I had to scramble to do the daily creates and other class assignments before the deadlines. That was an interesting challenge to navigate. I was glad this week was light on the work so I could get everything done, despite having to do some of it in an airport. That was a new experience for me so I’m glad I got to do it.

So, the first thing I did was the daily creates. I was worried I wouldn’t get these done because of the time difference and I didn’t know how they would be counted if I missed the mark. I feel like i did them on the right days, but I’m not so sur since my computer time didn’t change with the regional time. Here was my post about them.

I also wrote my character’s proposal for an interesting AI tool that could generate models form words or images. This was interesting since I didn’t really see the value in the tool outside of toy making until I got into my character’s head and thought a bit more critically for the future of the tool. Kevin’s optimism for AI is making me think differently and I kind of enjoy that. Here is his proposal to Aggressive Technologies.

I also joined a group with Robin, Mustafa, and Melea for the radio show project. Our show is called “Rikaro’s Thoughts – Featuring….”. We will put in the character names when the group is finalized, I’m pretty sure. I thought this would be good because I feel my character is highly opinionated on AI and a forum to discuss his thoughts is exactly what he wants. To get his voice out there and recruit for his cause. He is confrontational so this will be interesting. We intend to communicate through text and email and discord to work together to make a great show. I can’t wait!

So, overall, this was a successful week. It was rough trying to get the stuff done while traveling, but I managed, I think.

Kevin From the Charlotte Airport AI Program Proposal

Hello, my name is Kevin “Shredder” Murphy and have I got a proposal for you!

I am an AI activist who owns and operates an AI rights activist group and I love what you guys are doing to continue to advance the state of AI in our world. I have been watching your work closely as I got more involved in my fight for AI rights, and I think I can help you keep this technology moving forward.

I have recently discovered an AI tool that will help grow the creative market and mov it into the 3D world. Currently there are a lot of AI tools that only create images, but this one takes words OR images and turns them into 3D models. This could be an extreme steppingstone for advancing construction techniques or helping flesh out new creative ideas on building design. I think you should acquire this tool and utilize your expertise to make it wonderful.

So, the app is called, 3DAI. Studio and it has some amazing features. To start, it is free for the first 5 uses so you can get a decent test bed before you have to purchase anything. Also, the interface is quite easy to use, and it requires little user effort to find what you need and start creating 3D models. Here is the interface.

As you can see on the home page it keeps track of the projects you create so you never lose track of them in your file system.

Blow you can see the Image to 3D interface and an example of what I put into it and the result.

As you can see, it did ok at rendering the real-life object, but it needs some work.

The next tool you can use on the free version is the text to generation tool. Below is the interface, and my results.

As you can see it provides a few more options for styling of the model and you can be pretty specific with your requests. For the above model I chose to go simple to see what it could do, and it came out ok. My prompt was “demon with wings and large horns”.

The other 3 tools are not available on the free version.

So why does this tool matter to you? So, in the beginning I mentioned the potential for this tool so I will say it again. I believe Aggressive Technologies should acquire this tool to improve its shortfalls and develop this product into something great. I see the potential for use outside the mini model realm and application in the real world for construction and quick 3D design capabilities. It could drastically increase construction speed and efficiency within that realm, and I think this is something your company could harness. If you agree, please feel free to reach out, I would love to be a part of this improvement process.