Gosh Darn this is Frustrating!

Ok so I thought this would be the easiest of the assignments because I play videogames a fair amount, however, it became the most awkward and crazy learning experience. Si did the Make it Scary, Make it Fun assignment and had to do so many weird things to get this to work and it never did. Ugh. First, I had to figure out how to get the recording program to work. It took a bit of learning, but I finally got the shortcuts down. Then I had to make sure it was recording my voice. It seemed to be based on what the program was saying. But what I neglected to check was if my voice was able to be heard over the gameplay. So, I recorded like 3 hours of Alien Isolation footage…. and my voice wasn’t coming through. Like you could barely hear it even if you were trying really hard to listen for it. The only issue with that game, is there was a lot of walking around and doing nothing, so if I re-started the process, I would have to play at least 3 hours to get the footage I needed. So, I switched to a game that had more freaky moments to cut down on play time and up the scary factor. I switched to The Forrest. I have played it a bit before, and I remember stopping because I was genuinely anxious playing it. It is a survival craft horror game with indigenous cannibals and eldritch horrors and the point is to find your son and scape the island. So where did this go wrong… glad you ask. In the recording software, it has an option to sperate the audio from the microphone and the screen. I was like hell yeah! then I can edit both separately and cut out my voice if it sounds dumb. Well little did I know that it doesn’t create two files, it layers both audio files into one Mp4 and only certain editors have the ability to read that feature… so again, I wasted about 1.5 hours recording to only have my voice show up outside the editor, but in the editor it only picks up the game music… so I’m going to embed my play sessions to s which you get to hear, my voice or the game. Experiment time!

I had to post this before time ran out, so the second vid is still processing as of this post.

2 thoughts on “Gosh Darn this is Frustrating!”

  1. This is so real. I also struggled to make a game video, though you definitely had a more frustrating experience than I did. Also I don’t play a lot of games and these look really fun, I might have to try them.

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