Final Project Idea

I am going to take my time with this project, but I want to get my ideas out there. I think with min I want to lean into the pros and cons of AI in as many applications as I can analyze. I mean, I work in a world where this stuff is used in unique ways, and I have learned a lot more about its capabilities in the creative space. What I think I need to do is come to logical conclusions on my own thoughts on the subject and where I think we should go with it.

I think doing video reviews of some of these programs and embedding them into a long reflective post is kind of where my mind is going right now, but as this week moves along, I’m thinking pictures maybe provide better examples. I don’t know yet, but I am experimenting.

But yeah, I do know I want to sort of do a reflection of the course and my character and tools and what I learned and my position on AI etc. I feel that will provide the best experience for me and give me nice closure for the course and I think the other students who read it will enjoy the “big picture” post.

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