Week 9 TDC… Kurt is my Dude

This week we had to do 3 daily creates. Two of them were word based which was different than the last 2 weeks… I think… idk my weeks are blending at this point. Anyway, here are my posts.

The first one was to post who we think is agent 106, you know like 007, but 106 for the class number. Anyway, there is only one option when picking something like this and here it is:

Next one was to finish the tweet. This one was interesting because it could have gone any direction. Here is my post.

The last one was pretty meaningful, so I wanted to find one that was in North America to shed light on dying cultures in our borders. The last one this week was to post about poetry from dying languages. I chose to do the language of the Delaware Native Americans, the Lenape.

So overall this week for TDC as good. I learned a lot about dying languages and got to give a shout out to my main man Kurt.

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