Logic Pod: The Tech Podium Promo

So, for the radio show promo I wanted to make the logo or a bumper sticker or something that could get the point of the show across in on quick glance. The first thing we had to do was come up with the show name, and based on our characters motivations we dialed it into a podcast format about discussing AI and tech etc. with people calling in to discuss their viewpoints or promote their ides. With all of our characters being pro AI for the most part, we assumed that they would all think their view is correct, so their podcast is “logical” to listen to. Then to describe what it is about, we went with tech, and with the call-in aspect, it is like a singular outside entity speaking to the group, almost like from a podium. At least that what was in my head when we nailed down the name.

Moving on… So, for the design I wanted to capture the title of the show and have some interesting graphics to give some energy to the show. My initial idea was to just have a brain standing behind a podium with the title. But as I was using Canva to make my graphic, I came across some really cool designs and changed it up a bit. This is the final product I came up with.

My absolute favorite part of this design is the tech tree. Just has this eerie implication that tech is going to take over nature… strange. And of course, talking about AI and the neon sign effects, I think it really captures the vibe of the show.

Anyway, I had a blast making this and I might even make a few more just for fun.

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