TDC Video Project Week

So, this week I wanted to focus a lot of my time on my video stuff, so I did all the daily creates on my phone while riding the bus to and from the Pentagon.

They were fun this week especially since one was eclipse related. (how neat was that) So anyway here are my posts.

The first one was called Eclipse Erasure Poem. Here is my post and the poem I made. I thought it sounded pretty cool.

The next one reminded mee of the one we did in the first weeks where we used that wispy app. This one was called spiral gyra. Here is the one I created.

And for the third one, it was called Write a Nonet. A nonet is a nine-line poem. In the nonet form, each line contains specific, descending syllable counts. The first line contains nine syllables, the second line contains eight, the third line contains seven, and so on. The last line of nonet poetry contains one syllable. Here is the one i wrote about my experience with Carvana.

Cool week and I was happy I could do them on my phone.

TDC Shenanigans

I managed to do my TDCs early this week. Sick kids and sick self gave me some time at home so why not knock em’ out early.

The first one was to write a one liner on a Dutch tile. I went with something my son started saying recently because one, it’s funny, and two, it’s kind of ridiculous to see something so informal on a nice tile.

Th next one was to see what kind of flag you are. I went more with flag substance than type, so I picked something that represents me.

The last one was to make some source code art. I decided to use the web page Card Kingdom where I order a lot of my cards.

It was nice to get the out of the way early, but I also had a great time doing it.

Week 9 TDC… Kurt is my Dude

This week we had to do 3 daily creates. Two of them were word based which was different than the last 2 weeks… I think… idk my weeks are blending at this point. Anyway, here are my posts.

The first one was to post who we think is agent 106, you know like 007, but 106 for the class number. Anyway, there is only one option when picking something like this and here it is:

Next one was to finish the tweet. This one was interesting because it could have gone any direction. Here is my post.

The last one was pretty meaningful, so I wanted to find one that was in North America to shed light on dying cultures in our borders. The last one this week was to post about poetry from dying languages. I chose to do the language of the Delaware Native Americans, the Lenape.

So overall this week for TDC as good. I learned a lot about dying languages and got to give a shout out to my main man Kurt.

Daily Creates Vegas

I did 3 daily creates this week while on travel for work and here are my posts.

The first one was to add “and then the dragons arrived” to the first line of a book and create an image. For some reason I chose harry potter and used an AI image generator…. anyway, here is the result.

The next one was to create a coloring page out of an image. I wanted to use something dark and make it colorful, so I decided to use my Edgar Alan Poe pic from a previous daily create. The Vegas lights must have seeped into my subconscious because it sems like i used those kinds of colors and patterns. Here is my post.

The third on was to make fractal art. I decided to go with the below picture because I liked the black negative space kind of cutting through the colorful areas. I named it reality tear.

It was nice to get back to the hotel at the end of a long workday and take a break from the super seriousness to be a little creative.

TDC Not Today Warp

This week we had to do 3 daily crates and they were quick and easy. For the first one we had to do post a picture that represents purity. I went away from the standard light colors and calming vibes to my first thought which was a purity seal from Warhammer 40k. I am going to need that chaos protection if I want to stay pure from the warp. Post below.

For the next one we had to make a net art picture. I do think these things are art because it still takes a small amount of creativity to come up with a prompt that’s good. Some of my first tests were with terms like “toxic” and it only came up with toxic masculinity posts that degraded women and I am not about that ugh. So, it was an experiment to get something cool. I gave it the prompt bioweapon and it came out awesome. Here was my post.

For the last on we got to have fun with oscillators. The sounds were interesting, and I had a fw thoughts on what i thought they sounded like. Here is the post.

It was cool this week, probably going to do that net art thing a few more times.

Doing My Dailies

This week was super busy for me, so I had to scrape by and do my second one today. To be honest though, I’m glad I waited. Todays were pretty cool. Anyway, here were the daily creates I did this week.

Forst one was called Opposite Pun Intended. It was the classic play on taking a normal word and making an opposite version of it with wordplay. I chose the Verizon logo and made it VeirizON and VerizOFF.

The second own was to choose your favorite type of poem and give an example of one. I chose narrative because I feel they flow nicely and because they are longer, you kind of get into this groove while reading them. So, I chose one from one of my favorites, Poe. I also mad this small picture to upload with it.

So yeah, these were what I did, I hope you like them!

Creating Daily, What Is Free Time?

This week we were assigned to do 3 daily creates. As I have said before, I think these are really fun and love seeing what new thing pops in every day. Even if I don’t do them, I appreciate the uniqueness of the projects.

Th first one this week was to write a 3-line poem about lemons without using the words: lemon, yellow, round, fruit, citrus, tart, juicy, peel, and sour. My thought process immediately went to riddle because they tend to follow those kinds of guidelines. So, I wrote a lemon riddle.

The next one was to show a picture of the one-armed, half-brained, miniature version of what you do. So essentially you are showing a thing you do to be creative but in the smallest capacity you are able. I mean, I have 2 small kids (4 and 7) and I rarely get to paint any of my miniatures. So, I posted an AI pic of that. I have been painting the same army for over 6 years and am not even close to being done. Here is the post:

And the las one was to use the app Silk and trying your hand at making some art with it. It’s simple enough, essentially a digital spirograph type thing and you can change all sorts of reflection designs. Anyway, here is my fly:

Anyway, I had a fun week. I really liked the silk app and even got my kids to mess around with it. They also enjoy it a lot. I also now want to get back to painting my mini army. I have all the supplies, just not enough time in the day. Being a full time Government employee at the Pentagon, taking 4 classes at UMW, and being a dad when I’m not doing those, my time is VERY limited. when you start working and have a family, the time for yourself gets smaller and smaller. Enjoy it now young people!

3 This Week, Sounds Good

So, for the daily creates this week I did 3 of them. I wanted to do more, but when you work full time and have 2 kids and 3 dogs and 1 cat and your dryer breaks, and your laundry room needs painted to match the new appliances… you kind of get busy. So, yeah, I was only able to get 3 done, BUT I had fun doing them. I got to do some coloring, I made a gif of my first job, and I let you into my world a little bit with my intro song.

The first one was to use a digital coloring book to re-color famous artwork. This is the one I chose, and I went with a green theme. I don’t know why, but all this AI and internet talk made want to do something that reminded me of nature. Here is my post below:

The next one I did was a gif of my first job. Not a lot of funny or cool videos of car washes or detailing, so I just quickly put this one together. I’ll admit it wasn’t too exciting and I could have put just a tad more effort in, but yeah, detailing was super fun. I have lots of gross stories and one dangerous one so, just let me know if you want to hear it! See post below.

The last one I did was posting my walkout song. When I saw this, I know a slow smile appeared on my face because I think about this every time, I see a UFC fighter walk out or see the starting lineup for an NBA game. I knew exactly which one I was going to pick. It has been a song I have enjoyed for a long time. It’s got a great intro, dark lyrics, and slamming riffs. See below. Here is the video if you want to watch it yourself.

So yeah, only 3 this week because real life got a few punches in, but overall, I had a good time with it. I keep saying it, and I’ll say it again, these little daily things really keep me motivated in this course. They keep me excited to see what the next thing is, and I know I’ll likely learn something from each one. I have done a few of them with my kids to get them thinking creatively and they are already as excited as I am for the next one.

Like a muscle, creativity must be exercised to grow stronger and more vibrant.

This week I decided to do 5 daily creations. I thought that all of them worked out a different creative muscle and I really enjoyed them all. I’m going to move backwards from the 25th.

On the 25th, the goal was to create an Exit sign for the internet. This one took me a while to figure out what to do, but I ended up using application logos to spell exit and then have a picture of unplugging underlining the exit. I’m not very proud of this one after I saw some of the other things people came up with. This one was my particular favorite. Here is a picture of my design below:

On the 23rd, the objective was to create something that resembled the Voynich manuscript. I took it literally and decided to make a page that could be inside it. I decided to use real world media to make it look more realistic. This was by far my favorite one this week. See below:

On the 22nd, the objective was to make a Fibonacci poem. The way this works is to start with one word, then the next line has to add up to the total words used in the previous 2 lines. This makes it get much larger and complex by the 6th line. I was inspired by some dark song lyrics and just kept the theme of doom. If you are wondering, the song is called Eternal Wasteland of Galaxies by the slam death metal band Vulvodynia. The song is about a galactic entity eating galaxies. I feel like my poem turned into a statement about climate change and our self-destructive nature… would an AI agree with me? See my poem below:

On the, the objective was to take a photo of your ceiling. This was interesting because usually the ceiling never gets looked at for more than a moment. We got to capture that moment. I chose a space in my house that has been causing me stress for multiple months. It has character and is fairly interesting. See below:

On the 20th, we had to use this website that associates 3 words with any town you choose. We were asked to do this for our hometown. Since I was a military brat, I never really had a “hometown” experience, so I decided to use the last place I lived before I went off on my own, Schertz, Texas. I was very happy with my words: funds, since, speeding. This was where my three words took me:

Overall, I had fun with these this week. I think over time, the more of these I do, the better they will get. This is a fun way to make me think creatively and I can’t wait to see what’s next.