TDC Not Today Warp

This week we had to do 3 daily crates and they were quick and easy. For the first one we had to do post a picture that represents purity. I went away from the standard light colors and calming vibes to my first thought which was a purity seal from Warhammer 40k. I am going to need that chaos protection if I want to stay pure from the warp. Post below.

For the next one we had to make a net art picture. I do think these things are art because it still takes a small amount of creativity to come up with a prompt that’s good. Some of my first tests were with terms like “toxic” and it only came up with toxic masculinity posts that degraded women and I am not about that ugh. So, it was an experiment to get something cool. I gave it the prompt bioweapon and it came out awesome. Here was my post.

For the last on we got to have fun with oscillators. The sounds were interesting, and I had a fw thoughts on what i thought they sounded like. Here is the post.

It was cool this week, probably going to do that net art thing a few more times.

One thought on “TDC Not Today Warp”

  1. Your Bioweapon net generated art came out so cool!!! Also, I found the pitch of the sawtooth soooo annoying, had to switch to a different shape.

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