7th Week Summary

When I saw the assignments this week, I was really excited to get started. I did a lot of research and was trying to do some crazy things with the assignments. For starters I was going to do a deepfake video for the propaganda, but I just couldn’t find a software that was good enough for what I wanted to do. At las though I decided to do a video because during my research I found a lot of things about sensory contrast and overload. If you go to my post about it, you can see the video for yourself and see what I mean. I decided to make it against my character’s beliefs because I wanted to try and gauge how it would make him feel if he just received this in an email or something. I know he would go on some rant on his blog or podcast and I kind of want to hear it.

For the PSA assignment I had some trouble because all of the iterations I made, came out like advertisements and was trying to avoid that. The one that I decided to emulate was the AARP PSA from the archives. Talking about problems and how Aggressive Technologies can solve them and just offering more info fit into that category pretty well. Here is my post about it.

Then lastly, I did my 3 daily creates. Fun as always, especially the one with the sound dudes. Here is my post.

Again, fun week. I am disappointed though I couldn’t find a deepfake site that could do what I wanted. I have a feeling that would have been unsettling and really hammer home some of the dangers of AI. Like really, can we even trust video anymore…

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