Propaganda Video… Hope Thats OK?

I had so much fun the last two weeks with my video editor (sarcasm detected) that I decided to make a propaganda commercial. There is no evidence provided that what is said is true or where they get their facts from. But it is startling to say the least. So how does this relate to my character. Well, I feel as if I was getting in too dep with what Kvin is interested in and so I decided to imagine a group that wants to counter his message. This would be like a TV commercial that Kevin would blog angrily about or go on rants on his podcast or something like that. I just wanted to make something that would piss him off and have him go off the rails. I hope you enjoy it. (Keep the volume a tad lower than normal)

6 thoughts on “Propaganda Video… Hope Thats OK?”

    1. Oh, he would be up in arms about this haha. And for the music, yeah, I was reading some things that with successful propaganda, its assaults the senses and tries to force reactions and behaviors. I felt that showing explosions and robots and bombarding the listener with grind core would result in persistent negative feelings about it. What comes to mind when you think of AI after this video? Loud bombarding music with violent images, no thanks haha!

  1. you were not kidding about keep your volume low god I jumped 3 feet in the air also this was really good I looooove the contrast, it also kinda reminds me of one of those sad puppy adoption ads

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