Doing My Dailies

This week was super busy for me, so I had to scrape by and do my second one today. To be honest though, I’m glad I waited. Todays were pretty cool. Anyway, here were the daily creates I did this week.

Forst one was called Opposite Pun Intended. It was the classic play on taking a normal word and making an opposite version of it with wordplay. I chose the Verizon logo and made it VeirizON and VerizOFF.

The second own was to choose your favorite type of poem and give an example of one. I chose narrative because I feel they flow nicely and because they are longer, you kind of get into this groove while reading them. So, I chose one from one of my favorites, Poe. I also mad this small picture to upload with it.

So yeah, these were what I did, I hope you like them!

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