TDC Video Project Week

So, this week I wanted to focus a lot of my time on my video stuff, so I did all the daily creates on my phone while riding the bus to and from the Pentagon.

They were fun this week especially since one was eclipse related. (how neat was that) So anyway here are my posts.

The first one was called Eclipse Erasure Poem. Here is my post and the poem I made. I thought it sounded pretty cool.

The next one reminded mee of the one we did in the first weeks where we used that wispy app. This one was called spiral gyra. Here is the one I created.

And for the third one, it was called Write a Nonet. A nonet is a nine-line poem. In the nonet form, each line contains specific, descending syllable counts. The first line contains nine syllables, the second line contains eight, the third line contains seven, and so on. The last line of nonet poetry contains one syllable. Here is the one i wrote about my experience with Carvana.

Cool week and I was happy I could do them on my phone.

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