The Radio Show Week, Plus Video Plan

This week was pretty neat, despite being sick most of the week I managed to get everything done.

Here is my post about my daily creates. They were fun, especially the flag one. I liked looking for a flag that resembled me and I’m glad if found one. I also really enjoyed the source code one since I have never gotten to that screen on purpose before lol.

As the title suggest we also got to listen to the radio shows. I listened to the one on Monday since it had my show and I thought it was amazing. Here is my post about it.

This week we also had to plan out our video project. I had a lot of trouble with this since I really had no idea where to begin. It really didn’t start to form up until about an hour ago, so I don’t think I planned as much as I needed to. Here is my post about it. I feel though that an almost rebuttal to the radio show to kind of fight back against Rikaro and Isaiah’s views would be a fun thing to do, especially since my character did not like how they were going about the future of AI.

Again overall, the week was great, but I have always had trouble with video stuff and this project will probably take the most effort for me. I will have to start this weekend, or I won’t finish.

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