Creating Daily, What Is Free Time?

This week we were assigned to do 3 daily creates. As I have said before, I think these are really fun and love seeing what new thing pops in every day. Even if I don’t do them, I appreciate the uniqueness of the projects.

Th first one this week was to write a 3-line poem about lemons without using the words: lemon, yellow, round, fruit, citrus, tart, juicy, peel, and sour. My thought process immediately went to riddle because they tend to follow those kinds of guidelines. So, I wrote a lemon riddle.

The next one was to show a picture of the one-armed, half-brained, miniature version of what you do. So essentially you are showing a thing you do to be creative but in the smallest capacity you are able. I mean, I have 2 small kids (4 and 7) and I rarely get to paint any of my miniatures. So, I posted an AI pic of that. I have been painting the same army for over 6 years and am not even close to being done. Here is the post:

And the las one was to use the app Silk and trying your hand at making some art with it. It’s simple enough, essentially a digital spirograph type thing and you can change all sorts of reflection designs. Anyway, here is my fly:

Anyway, I had a fun week. I really liked the silk app and even got my kids to mess around with it. They also enjoy it a lot. I also now want to get back to painting my mini army. I have all the supplies, just not enough time in the day. Being a full time Government employee at the Pentagon, taking 4 classes at UMW, and being a dad when I’m not doing those, my time is VERY limited. when you start working and have a family, the time for yourself gets smaller and smaller. Enjoy it now young people!

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