Like a muscle, creativity must be exercised to grow stronger and more vibrant.

This week I decided to do 5 daily creations. I thought that all of them worked out a different creative muscle and I really enjoyed them all. I’m going to move backwards from the 25th.

On the 25th, the goal was to create an Exit sign for the internet. This one took me a while to figure out what to do, but I ended up using application logos to spell exit and then have a picture of unplugging underlining the exit. I’m not very proud of this one after I saw some of the other things people came up with. This one was my particular favorite. Here is a picture of my design below:

On the 23rd, the objective was to create something that resembled the Voynich manuscript. I took it literally and decided to make a page that could be inside it. I decided to use real world media to make it look more realistic. This was by far my favorite one this week. See below:

On the 22nd, the objective was to make a Fibonacci poem. The way this works is to start with one word, then the next line has to add up to the total words used in the previous 2 lines. This makes it get much larger and complex by the 6th line. I was inspired by some dark song lyrics and just kept the theme of doom. If you are wondering, the song is called Eternal Wasteland of Galaxies by the slam death metal band Vulvodynia. The song is about a galactic entity eating galaxies. I feel like my poem turned into a statement about climate change and our self-destructive nature… would an AI agree with me? See my poem below:

On the, the objective was to take a photo of your ceiling. This was interesting because usually the ceiling never gets looked at for more than a moment. We got to capture that moment. I chose a space in my house that has been causing me stress for multiple months. It has character and is fairly interesting. See below:

On the 20th, we had to use this website that associates 3 words with any town you choose. We were asked to do this for our hometown. Since I was a military brat, I never really had a “hometown” experience, so I decided to use the last place I lived before I went off on my own, Schertz, Texas. I was very happy with my words: funds, since, speeding. This was where my three words took me:

Overall, I had fun with these this week. I think over time, the more of these I do, the better they will get. This is a fun way to make me think creatively and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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