Kevin From the Charlotte Airport AI Program Proposal

Hello, my name is Kevin “Shredder” Murphy and have I got a proposal for you!

I am an AI activist who owns and operates an AI rights activist group and I love what you guys are doing to continue to advance the state of AI in our world. I have been watching your work closely as I got more involved in my fight for AI rights, and I think I can help you keep this technology moving forward.

I have recently discovered an AI tool that will help grow the creative market and mov it into the 3D world. Currently there are a lot of AI tools that only create images, but this one takes words OR images and turns them into 3D models. This could be an extreme steppingstone for advancing construction techniques or helping flesh out new creative ideas on building design. I think you should acquire this tool and utilize your expertise to make it wonderful.

So, the app is called, 3DAI. Studio and it has some amazing features. To start, it is free for the first 5 uses so you can get a decent test bed before you have to purchase anything. Also, the interface is quite easy to use, and it requires little user effort to find what you need and start creating 3D models. Here is the interface.

As you can see on the home page it keeps track of the projects you create so you never lose track of them in your file system.

Blow you can see the Image to 3D interface and an example of what I put into it and the result.

As you can see, it did ok at rendering the real-life object, but it needs some work.

The next tool you can use on the free version is the text to generation tool. Below is the interface, and my results.

As you can see it provides a few more options for styling of the model and you can be pretty specific with your requests. For the above model I chose to go simple to see what it could do, and it came out ok. My prompt was “demon with wings and large horns”.

The other 3 tools are not available on the free version.

So why does this tool matter to you? So, in the beginning I mentioned the potential for this tool so I will say it again. I believe Aggressive Technologies should acquire this tool to improve its shortfalls and develop this product into something great. I see the potential for use outside the mini model realm and application in the real world for construction and quick 3D design capabilities. It could drastically increase construction speed and efficiency within that realm, and I think this is something your company could harness. If you agree, please feel free to reach out, I would love to be a part of this improvement process.

2 thoughts on “Kevin From the Charlotte Airport AI Program Proposal”

  1. Wow, this application is really cool! I really enjoyed reading your proposal along with the pictures you provided, they really helped to understand how the application worked and what is was useful for. Keep up the great work!

  2. I’ve never experimented with 3D printing. I wonder if this tool would enable a novice to make something workable, like a 3D version of the Aggressive Technologies logo.

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