Having a Great Team Makes All the Difference

My group has made a lot of progress this week on our show. We have a group google doc where we write our more elaborate ideas and take notes, we have a group discord to post pictures and smaller ideas, and we have had a few discussions and even have a txt group to make sure we are all engaging with the project. It is working magnificently.

We already have a name for our show “Logic Pod: The Tech Podium”. The idea is that this show is a platform for people to call in and talk tech, AI, or anything their hear desires. But be careful, there is something strange about the hosts and guests. Some of them may not be what they seem.

Currently the plan is to have the show be owned/operated by one of our character’s organizations and have my character call in to promote his AI rights activist group. This will lead the conversation into some cool places and interesting discussion. But maybe something will be revealed about some characters or maybe others will change their stance on some things. We are still in the planning process of what the actual conversation will be like, but we have the backbone ideas in place.

We have also created some cool logo/poster/sticker designs for the show. Here is the post about mine.

I think we plan to use our DS106 bumpers from earlier in the semester, but I also feel like making one for our specific show. I have some ideas that I think will be fun. I also think I will make a commercial from the product I had to write about last week for Aggressive Technologies. Ill knock those out tomorrow while teleworking.

I just want to put at the end here, this might be one of the better groups of people I have worked with during my career, and I have been working in the government, military, and private sector for almost 15 years. Robin, Melea, and Mustafa, you rock.