Bumper to Bumper Commercials

This week for my two audio assignments I decided to make a bumper for our show as well as a commercial for the product I was advocating for last week.

The bumper goes into what the show is about and implies it is logical to listen to it. I also used an AI voice and had it “take over” the broadcast. Here is the bumper:

Next is the commercial. I made it on 3DAI Studio which was the product my character wanted Aggressive Technologies to acquire because it would move forward AI. It is an AI program that can take words or pictures and turn them into 3D models to print from a 3D printer. It is some pretty fun tech, but it needs some work and AT can pave the way. Here is my commercial for it.

So yeah, these are my audio assignments this week and I hope they add some flavor to the show.

Smooth Synth Beats

So, for my third assignment I decided to do Chrome Music Labs. I had my daughter sit next to me and help me choose the notes (colors) to make our slick beat. She thought mine didn’t have enough pink, so I had her do her own as well. Below are the results of Tyler and Robin’s new tracks.

This was the one I did. I liked it when it repeated, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it do that here.

This is my Daughter Robin’s song. She decided she liked the marimba sound better than the synth. Robin named hers “Smooth Shells”.

Overall, this is a really neat program taking me back to the days of OG garage band but much simpler. I also decided to do this because I haven’t done one with music yet. I also decided to go with synth sounds because I believe that is what my character would listen to. Being so invested in the cyber world and with AI, I just imagine him listening to “cyber” music.

Breaking News!

For my second assignment of choice, I decided to do Breaking News! The objective was to create a fake news story by using an AI text to speech software. I used the site that was recommended, Colossyan and some free sound from Freesound to create my audio video news story. I also used the 123RF image generator to get some hilarious pictures for the backgrounds. Below is the result of my strange brain and having free access to these tools.

The AI mispronounced a few words but that’s ok, I think you get the gist. I really liked this assignment because I got to make up an insane news story and use a few more neat tools. I will definitely be using them again on future assignments.

You’re Hired Dr. Oblivion!

For one of my assignments, I chose to do Consult with your Doctor. I felt that I haven’t been using Dr. Oblivion as much as I could be, especially since all of his answers could be downloaded as audio files. That only makes this one of the best decisions for this week. So, for this assignment I had to have a conversation with Dr. oblivion asking questions and getting answers. I decided to do a job interview for essentially his current position. The results were hilarious as always and I really had a blast doing it. He gets a little wild there for a sec but then he reels it back in for the win. I hope you enjoy my Dr. Oblivion interview.

Just A Normal Sunday Sound Effect Story

I had a lot of fun with the sound effect story. I had some ideas that didn’t work out because I just couldn’t find the right sounds and it would have taken a lot of work to make them myself. Initially I wanted to do a story about taking out my dogs. But then I decided to do the thing I wasn’t supposed to do and make a morning routine, but maybe there is something extra. You will just have to listen to find out. I want to hear your reactions.

What did you feel? I really want to know.

Overall though I had a lot of fun with this. I know I could have added some more layering of sounds and made the transitions less choppy, but I just wanted to make sure I got the story out there to get some feedback.