Smooth Synth Beats

So, for my third assignment I decided to do Chrome Music Labs. I had my daughter sit next to me and help me choose the notes (colors) to make our slick beat. She thought mine didn’t have enough pink, so I had her do her own as well. Below are the results of Tyler and Robin’s new tracks.

This was the one I did. I liked it when it repeated, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it do that here.

This is my Daughter Robin’s song. She decided she liked the marimba sound better than the synth. Robin named hers “Smooth Shells”.

Overall, this is a really neat program taking me back to the days of OG garage band but much simpler. I also decided to do this because I haven’t done one with music yet. I also decided to go with synth sounds because I believe that is what my character would listen to. Being so invested in the cyber world and with AI, I just imagine him listening to “cyber” music.