Bumper to Bumper Commercials

This week for my two audio assignments I decided to make a bumper for our show as well as a commercial for the product I was advocating for last week.

The bumper goes into what the show is about and implies it is logical to listen to it. I also used an AI voice and had it “take over” the broadcast. Here is the bumper:

Next is the commercial. I made it on 3DAI Studio which was the product my character wanted Aggressive Technologies to acquire because it would move forward AI. It is an AI program that can take words or pictures and turn them into 3D models to print from a 3D printer. It is some pretty fun tech, but it needs some work and AT can pave the way. Here is my commercial for it.

So yeah, these are my audio assignments this week and I hope they add some flavor to the show.

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