Week 10 A Big Fat Hen

I don’t know why I titled it that, but I guess it makes sense given the big group project we had to do. Anyway, this week we had to do our big radio project and I think we did really well. Our characters got to express their views and some of them even learned a thing or two about themselves.

So, for the show progress report you can go check out my post. Again, I think we did really well. It was a fun twist to have some of the characters us AI voices and some use their real voices. It really played well into the theme of the class.

I managed to do 2 daily creates even though I almost forgot to do the second one. Per usual they were a nice quick dose to stretch those muscles or be a little funny. Here is my post.

Lastly is the completed radio show. It speaks for itself if you want to go listen. It was really fun to do, even navigating around a busy schedule I think we made it happen. Listen below.

Again, this as a fun week and i liked the creative freedom we got with this project.

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