Daily Creates… Oh Right…

I almost forgot to do these this week. I did one on Sunday and forgot to do the other until Thursday. So without further ado:

The first one I did was called splatter the ink. It was a neat online art tool where you could mess with sliders and colors to come up with something cool. I made my art and called it Spore.

Th next one was called, change a word, ruin a book. I decided to take all the seriousness out of the shining and make it the whining. I just imagine Jack complaining about taking the caretaker job and just being like the whiniest person. Changes the whole tone of the book.

So overall a neat week for these. I wish I would have looked at the other ones and not been forced to do either the Thursday or Friday one. But I’m still satisfied with what I did.

One thought on “Daily Creates… Oh Right…”

  1. the whining is actually really funny, also wishing you looked at the rest of the weeks daily creates to do something else is so real, I understand that 100%

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