The Show Must Go On

As I said last week, my group has a group google doc where we write our ideas and take notes. We also have a group discord to post pictures and smaller ideas, and we have had a few discussions and even have a txt group to make sure we are all engaging with the project. As stated before, it is working magnificently.

This week was the week where we did the most work. We all worked together on the script in our google doc and I think we came up with some great ideas. We all put our bumpers and commercials etc. in the discord so we could ensure the transitions were tight. We did the same thing with all of our audio pieces. The interesting part about our narrative is that a few of the characters do not want their actual voices heard so we have generative AI speaking their parts. Interestingly, my character is using his own voice, so it is neat to hear that only his is conveying real emotion and it plays nicely into the character discovery piece.

Robin is going to splice it all together tonight and provide the final product for the sound cloud. I am excited to hear what it is like all together. I know it will probably sound a little strange, but I think that plays nicely into the narrative and the theme of AI.

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