This Almost Feels Like Rap

So, for my first assignment I chose Never Fear It’s Words of the Year.

Merriam-Webster keeps a year-by-year list of when words were first recorded, or first recorded as being used in a particular sense. Each year gives us a list of somewhat random but also fascinating words. The challenge: Take the list from some significant year, such as the year of your birth, and build a poem from the words on the list.

I decided to go with my birth year which is 1991 and I think I got pretty lucky. The 90’s were a time where technology was really ramping up its capabilities, so I feel I got off easy with words that could relate to cyber/AI technology. This is what I wrote, so I hope you enjoy my poem that kind of flows like rap in some parts.

Going through life like a laggy NPC.

I’m no OG, I just hang out with my bestie.

I’m not involved in any cyberspeak or cybercrime.

It seems like I’m working with an asymmetric digital subscriber line.

sometimes this life feels like a dream.

everywhere I look, oops another lock screen.

Too much nanotech running in my skin deep

work is such a time suck, too much mission creep.

It’s too much shit, making me want to force quit.

I’m beyond fed up with it.

Tim to grab my game pad and go bag and leave this place broken.

But no worries, I’m about to give my life a new cold open.

Well, I hope if you decide to do this assignment, the year you choose is as cool as mine.