Video Project, Troubles As Usual

This week was kind of wild outside of school, so it made school a little hectic. For starters I had a terrible experience with Carvana, and I highly recommend you do not use them. Multiple re-schedules for delivery and they still missed the window. They also wouldn’t let me pick up the vehicle. Anyway, so arguing with that and then having a retirement ceremony for someone I worked with took up a lot of my extra time.

Anyway, I did my 3 TDCs on my phone this week and that was pretty neat. Here is the post about it. I really liked writing the nonet about Carvana.

So, for the video project I had, like last time, a lot of trouble. From my plan post last week I intended to do a psa where I used the wav2lip to add audio to an already existing psa and have the lips line up to that audio. I was going to have my character speak about his time on the podcast he called in to. He was going to try to get people to rally against the hosts of the show because he found out they were dangerous and had a different agenda than him. Well, I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but I watched the tutorial video and did everything exactly as displayed, and it just would never process correctly. Idk if I was missing steps or labeling wrong or something, but I would never finalize or work.

So, I ended up changing the whole idea on Thursday evening to have my character release a video “from the shadows” because the companies and hosts of the show were after him and trying to silence him. I used multiple different AI generated voices to “hide” background noise and to protect any type of signature that could be taken from actual video or audio from the character. I mean he is a hacker, so he covered his bases. I had to keep it under two minutes because that’s how long it takes to trace calls and data in movies right… wink. But I had Kevin kind of reach out in fear for people to draw attention to Isaiah and Rikaro’s plans and stand up to them and fight their cause. I made wild accusations that they are plants for Aggressive Technologies, and they may even be AI (I actually used Rikaro’s AI voice from the show to say that line).

I then had the AI that “assumed control” of the radio broadcast do the same to Kevins video and tell him he is not safe, and he will pay. It was haunting to do and think about how something like this would happen in the real world. Maybe it happens now and we just aren’t important enough to be on the receiving end…

Oh, and I layered in a lot of technological audio sounds from Freesound in Audacity and brought them over with other video clips to make it really flow. I used Clipchamp to compile everything and add text to the video and add the layers. I am really getting the hang of Clipchamp and I feel like my skills with it are getting a lot better. Here is the video. I hope you like it.