The Plan Is in Motion (They Must Be Stopped)

I think I am going to use my own audio of Kevin talking bad about Rikaro and Isaiah Beacon ministries. Or actually, I will use an AI voice to protect Kevin. For those of you that listened to the Logic Pod on Monday you kind of got the eerie feeling that these two wanted AI to take over and my character Kvin as not about that despite his pro AI perspective. This was a bit of a character evolution as he WAS the evangelist archetype, but now he is more careful in his views and maybe his goals have changed.

I’m going to use the video editing tools and basically have Kevin denounce them as the real threat and that Aggressive technologies can be forgotten until these two are stopped. The war machine of Rikaro and the religious fanaticism of Isaiah are contradictory to what Kevin wanted for the future of AI and he believes they are detrimental to the cause.

So, I think my video will be like a public service announcement and I will use an old public service announcement video and use the lip synch tool to animate it with Kevin’s voice and message. I think he will also try to subtly convert some of their followers to his cause. Kevin knows this will draw attention to himself, but he believes they must be stopped.

The initial script will be something like this.

“Hello everyone, there is a serious topic we need to address.

Earlier this week on the Logic Pod podcast, Isaiah Beacon and Rikaro, the CEO of (  ) made it very clear that they want to utilize AI to the detriment of humanity and this cannot stand.

They want to Advance AI only for the military application and only to reach violent ends. Wake up people! Aggressive Technologies used to be the threat, but now it is clearly Isaiah and Rikaro.

I implore you, the public, to stand up to their violent rhetoric and bring attention to their nefarious plotting.

If you care about humanity and want to ensure AI is used only for good, you should join the cause of Future perfect. They intend to let AI grow and progress and ensure it is used to develop the world for good, and not for violent ends.

We must not let them win!”

So yeah, something like that. I am utilizing the free video archives to try and find a good public service announcement that fits the length and has a good person speaking.