On the Right Track

To re-cap what my goals were from the beginning: I want to discover and learn how to use creative tools to better express myself and hopefully along the way hit those ALPP outcomes and enjoying the ride.

Has anything changed? I don’t think so. I am learning a lot and using a ton of tools that I have never used before, and I am having a pretty good time doing it.

The stress level is still a bit high though. The class is really fun and interesting, but the work is still a lot for me since I work full time about 40 miles away and have two young kids and 3 other classes. It is more work than all of my other classes combined that’s for sure. If I was just a full-time student, I think I would be enjoying it just a little bit more. Don’t get me wrong, it is still my favorite class, and I am having a great time, but stress wise, it is up there.

Sorry for the rant but I felt I had to express my stress a bit. Anyway, I still look forward to doing the assignments every week because they will challenge me and be interesting and fun and my goals still remain the same, learn a lot and enjoy the ride.