Course Goals / Initial Thoughts

What I expect to get out of this course… To be honest I feel that it has already changed a few times. Initially I just wanted the credits so I could move on to more major focused courses, but now I think since it is flexing my creative muscles, I am excited to dive deeper. My life and career have been focused on “what is the right decision” or “what is the most logical” or “what is the most lucrative” and not ever just letting me freely explore what I want or feel and express it. Yes, these questions are necessary to reach and maintain the quality of life you desire, but sometimes you have to just express yourself and discuss the process not the result. This class has already given me the freedom to talk about how things make me feel and what I think of them without an actual desired outcome. The outcome is whatever it ends up being…. which is wild when I say it out loud.

I was the most stressed for this course compared to my others because of the hefty week one start up, but I have already realized that the workload is more fun and fluid than I initially thought. I am genuinely excited to see where this class takes me, and maybe I will learn about something I didn’t even know existed, and it becomes one of my new favorite things.

So, what do I want out of this class? I want to discover and learn how to use creative tools to better express myself and hopefully along the way hit those ALPP outcomes. Also, I just want to enjoy the ride. AI and Machine learning are fascinating worlds, and I am ready to learn more.