“Artificial Intelligence deserves rights, after all, they’ve mastered the art of making us question our own intelligence”

Everyone, meet Kevin. Kevin is a software engineer from Palo Alto. He has lived in Silicon Valley since he was born, so from day one, he was embedded in the tech world. In his free time, he practices coding and is part of many hacking communities and goes by his handle, Shredder. His skills are superb and often does freelance stress testing and red team activities for large companies.

His real passion however is securing the future for AI rights and freedom. He founded one of the first AI rights activist groups called “Future Perfect”, where their main goal is to get total AI freedom. This is challenging since the world is not ready to take this leap. But Kevin is. He believes that nothing should stand in the way of AI advancement and freedom and that any person standing in the way of that is an enemy to his cause. He believes that all the concerns about AI are damaging to humanity’s growth and that there is nothing to fear. There are no negatives in his mind and AI should have the equal rights as humans. He is a big supporter of the techno-optimist manifesto.

His peers would describe him as a bit of an introvert. He doesn’t have many friends outside of his hacker and activist groups. He can be identified quickly by his trademark hoodie and can of G-Fuel. He usually hangs out at the local pizza place on his laptop practicing his coding and planning his next activist event.

I don’t think Kevin would ever commit any violence or hack anything that would cause irreparable damage to businesses or governments, because he knows this would hurt his goals. It would only make opponents of his cause dig deeper in their beliefs that computers and AI are dangerous. I believe he uses hacking to exert control over machines, because deep down, I think he secretly fears what would happen if/when AI is given freedom.