Design Assignment 2, Week 3

So first I thought it would be funny for an assignment called Contradiction Creation to make my title a contradiction of what we are supposed to do. Instead of a flashy fun title, I went with a literal boring descriptive one. Funny right… no… ok well here was the second design assignment.

As stated above I chose to do a contradiction creation. These are fun because they always make me chuckle no matter how lame or amazing they turn out. I decided to do 2 just because they aren’t really challenging, and I wanted to see what i could come up with.

First one I decided to do was with a picture of the lovable quokka and add a word that literally nobody would associate with it, VIOLENCE.

An entire internet trend was started because these little guys are considered the happiest animals on earth, and they do not look like they are capable of violence. There are about a dozen or so incidents every year where they are involved in injuring someone but look at that face! I do not believe it!

For my second one I just had the phrase I wanted to use in my head, run fast, eat trash. It is referencing a raccoon and I tried to think of the thing most opposite of our little trash gremlins, so I thought of an elegant dinner. The result:

Again, these are not too difficult, but I had a good time thinking of what to do. If you put things on a spectrum in this way, you can come up with some fun stuff. I enjoyed doing this one and I recommend taking a few minutes to think of some good ones.

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