Welp… I Haven’t Been Doing That

I was excited to start this week as I began adjusting to going back to school. The classic anxiety is back “will I manage to get all my work done” “will I even have time for me” “there are not enough hours in the day”. But I think I was able to get everything done and some of it early which felt nice. Such a difference from 2009 when I first went to college right out of high school. I’m coming back with real world experience and an enthusiasm that I didn’t have before.

Anyway, the first thing I reviewed this week was the “How to Write Up Assignments Like a Blogging Champ” … and yeah… I am no champ. First thing that was a slap in the face was “make a creative title, it shouldn’t be something like My visual assignment” … as I quickly glance over at “iRobot Movie Review”… and bow my head in shame. Then I continue reading and see “what you created aught to be embedded into the body of your post” and again… I have yet to embed anything… SHAME. I know I am still learning how all this works, but I am extremely self-critical and seeing these examples and knowing that is exactly what I have been doing was embarrassing to say the least. 

The other part of this was seeing how I neglected to think about website accessibility. Granted, I haven’t even put in any videos or sounds, but being reminded that hearing impaired individuals would not be able to enjoy was again, embarrassing. Also not thinking about other possible accessibility issues such as colorblindness or visually impaired viewers really got the wheels churning on how I could update my site or how I could change my planned posts to include accessibility options. This will be an interesting challenge for me, and I will really have to dig into word press to figure it out. But I’m ready to face it head on and learn all I can.

I will admit though, looking at the rest, I think I am ok. I tend to write how I speak which happens to be in a narrative format. If you ever speak to me in person, you will see I love to give lots of background and details and anecdotes and insights that don’t really help me get to the point faster, but they add nice context and flavor to what I am saying. Most people find this annoying I think, because it seems like I’m mansplaining, but I just want to make sure every detail, no matter how small, is addressed. It helps me make informed decisions when I have all the details, so I guess I just feel others want the same… wow sorry where was I…

Oh right! Again, I really enjoyed learning how to improve my posting. I know I am not really using anything extra I learned about in this post, but I guess trying to improve my narration of my experience on this one is something… I intend to use what I learned from the Blogging Champ Article and the accessibility article on my future projects to better relay my process for a wider audience.

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