The Show Was a Success

The group radio listen, like last time, was really fun. I made sure to listen in on the day that my show was playing. I had listened to the final product only once before, but it was really great to see the positive feedback from the class.

So, my team’s show was first, and I really enjoyed how it turned out. I really liked how Robin did the different audio files together and the music that was incorporated was really cool. it really added a nice ambiance to the show. My team’s commercials also really impressed me, and they turned out great in the show. The music, the themes, were all on point for the class theme. But what i thought really turned out well were the characters. So, the theme of course was a bunch of pro AI people focusing on the future of AI, and it seemed to start out ok… but it got dark really fast. Rikaro was an absolute monster, and Isaiah just going along with it was kind of scary. It was neat that robin’s character and my character decided that being super pro AI has a limit and maybe they learned a thing or two about themselves.

Overall, I think it turned out great and our narrative really played out nicely. Some of the comments about the characters and narrative really let us know that what we intended to convey came across exactly as we intended. Mad props to Robin and the editing skills.

As for the second show, Ravioli Radio, that was a hoot. Having the whole topic be about mopeds was really funny and the abusive audience made it feel like a Jerry Springer episode. I loved the sound effects, and I loved the commercials, especially the one with Jennifer Coolidge haha. I also have a new quote, “get your stench on!”.

Overall, this was a fun experience and despite the initial tedium of working as a group with these media tools and trying to make a cohesive show, I think I worked out great and I would recommend it to anyone.

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