The Blitz!

This week we were tasked with doing the photoblitz assignment. The objective was to take pictures based on the list provided over 20 minutes. We record the start and end time and see what we come up with. I really liked this assignment because it made me think on the fly and find things before the time ran out. I feel like I did really well because I finished my list with time to spare. Here is my start time and my list:

My first photo was of something old or aged today. I took a picture of my Swiss shepherd Claire. She is getting up there in age (9), her nose is going pink when it used to be black, and she is starting to get cataracts and hip issues. Poor girl. Oh, and my mini-Ausie Jenny wanted to join in.

The next one was about showing how ants see the world. Simple, here it is:

Next one was to take a picture without aiming. All I did was walk outside, leave my phone by my side, and hit the button. I got this cool lens flare and a car driving by.

I have 2 for the next one, tell a story in one photo. For the first one, it’s the hole in my wall. When I tried to change the faucet outside, when loosening it I actually twisted the copper pipe and ripped it off. I now need to repair the drywall because the plumbers don’t do that…

For the second one, my son has recently become obsessed with hotels. Last night he decided to write numbers on our doors and assign us room numbers. Still need to clean those…

Next was to take a picture of something at an unusual angle. My daughter caught me taking pictures and wanted me to take a pic of her book case. So, here it is.

Next was to take a picture with vertical lines. This one took me the most time, but I settled on the banister rails.

The last photo was to find my favorite number. That one was easy. I am in the Stafford adult league, and I already chose my number. Here is my pinnie.

Here was my end time.

I didn’t realize I was going this fast until I was done. I guess the anxiety of not finishing the list got the better of me. Anyway, I had a blast doing this and I might use this as an activity with my kids. They wanted me to keep going after I was done so now i know what i will be doing tomorrow.

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