Kevin Might Be Aggressive

So, what does Kevin think about Aggressive Technologies… He is conflicted, but more optimistic for the future of the company. He thoroughly loves the work they do with advancing AI more rapidly than other companies out there. They seem to be less concerned with the public perception of where AI should go as well as pushing the limits of the technology and rapidly integrate it into everyday life. He is all for that and it fits his desires for where the tech world should be heading.

The part that he is worried about, well not worried, but kind of waiting to see, is what the company does with AI rights/freedom. Is the company going to try to hold the reigns of their AI developments or are they going to let it go and explore the capability there as well. He has hope that some people on the inside working on these projects think like he does and want to see their projects flourish. The main concern comes when the companies want to retain copyright or focus on the financial gains of the product. Their aggressive acquisition style leads this to be the main concern, but at the same time, they have more funds than any other AI development entity and have the best shot at moving things forward technology wise. In this respect, is a monopoly beneficial? Kevin doesn’t seem to think it’s a bad idea if the technology gets developed more rapidly because then his “Future Perfect” movement is closer to realizing its goals of advanced AI freedom. But we aren’t at that point yet, so again, Kevin is hopeful the company will not slow down developments to try and maintain control of their AIs and instead let them continue to develop on their own.

We all know how companies work; it is unlikely this will happen. As an evangelist, Kevin tends to be one minded and thinks advancing AI is never a problem and anyone trying to do that is doing the right thing. He doesn’t see any drawbacks to the advancement, only the potential for the company not ensuring rights for AI at the end of the road. We will see as this develops if Kevin changes his mind or if he sticks to his guns.

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  1. very excited to see if kevin’s mind changes!! i wonder how he would feel if it did . . . i imagine he’d be annoyed to have to change his mind to begin with

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